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Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault by an "acquaintance" accounts for over half of all sexual assaults.

It isn't "passion" - rape is violence, even if you know him. Feeling betrayed and finding yourself in the position of having to face your assailant again in work, school or social settings can make "date rape" harder to deal with than an attack by a stranger.

  Common Fears
Fear it will happen again.
Fear of seeing the attacker again.
Fear of harassment from the attacker's friends and family.
Fear that others won't believe you or understand.
Fear that returning to normal routine, especially if the attacker is part of it all.
Fear of all other men.
  The Rapist
Looks for someone vulnerable to control and overpower.
Tends to go overboard with traditional male roles.
Has less concern for others - is a con artist.
Blames others for "forcing" him into angry or jealous outbursts.
Pushes your limits. Won't take "No" for an answer.
Always has to be in control-thinks women are helpless and must have his guidance.
Wants you to depend on him.
Gets mad if anything interferes with your relationship.
Is easily jealous over nothing, and extremely possessive.
Wants you to accept his behavior as normal, even though it makes you uncomfortable.
Find out as much as possible about new dates, especially blind dates or someone you don't know well.
Date in groups or "double date" the first few times with a new date.
Set your limits in social situations. Watch out for dates who won't respect those limits.
Speak up if he makes you feel uncomfortable - mean what you say; remove his hands, and if he doesn't listen, get away from him. Better rude than raped.
Be aware of your "decreased" ability to react and his "relaxed" inhibitions under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Trust your instincts. A date or acquaintance that genuinely cares about you won't make you feel uncomfortable.
Talk about it. Make it clear, individually and through organizations, that "date rape" is not acceptable behavior.
The attacker increasingly violates his victim with unwanted touches, very personal conversation or uncomfortable looks.
The victim accepts the attacker's intrusions as "normal" for him.
He gets her alone, and uses force.

If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual assualt, childhood sexual abuse and/or molestation, please contact FamilyTime at (281) 446-2615 for information on the services available to victims of sexual violence.