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Cooking is a great opportunity to bring the family together. Starting to cook with your children at a young age can inspire lifelong attitudes about food as well as produce wonderful memories. Look for easy and simple recipes that your children will want to gobble up afterwards.

Everyone remembers the old standby, “pigs in a blanket”; the delicious crescent roll stuffed with cheese and a hot dog. Making pancakes on a Sunday morning has always been a treat in my family. Just be sure to remember the skill level of each child. One may be able to measure ingredients while another is only capable of mixing. Don’t forget about planning some meals together so that they have some input as to what they would like to cook. It can be as simple as a salad or a more difficult entree.

Making homemade pizza is always a treat especially if each gets their own pie. Pasta dishes are always good because of the versatility of what one can make. Make your own homemade mac and cheese. Quesadillas, enchiladas and tacos are easy and delicious and you can put your own twist on the recipes. Let’s not forget about dessert. Bake up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, sandwiched together with a scoop of ice cream and you have a delectable, easy dessert.

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