26. 08.

Back to the Future ” Travel through time with Marty and Doc Brown and see what kinds of trouble they can find along the way.

Finding Nemo “Marlin searches for his lost son Nemo. He gets help from other fish in the sea, stopping at nothing to be reunited with his son.

Monsters, Inc. ” A child enters Monstropolis; it-s up to Sonny and his best pal to get her back.

Toy Story ” Woody is threatened when Andy receives a cool new toy for his birthday; Buzz Lightyear.

E.T. ” Elliot and his family risk everything to get their alien friend back to his home planet.

The Wizard of Oz ” When Dorothy is swept away to Oz in a tornado; she seeks the help of friends she meets along the way to get her back to Kansas.

Willy Wonka ” Charlie finds the golden ticket and embarks on the journey of a lifetime at the neighborhood chocolate factory.

The Princess Bride ” Grandpa reads a fairytale, but this is no ordinary tale.

A Christmas Story ” Ralphie will stop at nothing to get the Red Ryder B.B. gun he wants for Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas ” Jack discovers Christmas Town, but they aren-t ready for him.

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